Rural rugged was over and we mounted the ‘open heavens’ back to the family house.

I was now comfortable climbing in the truck even though it swayed from side to side on the untarred road. I had two agenda; a cool bath and a long sleep since these were considered luxury during the outreach.

I had been in the kitchen and I smelt of smoke, thick smoke so I knew I needed a thorough bath.
Somehow, I wondered how I still reserved strength enough to pull through another three days devoid of sleep.Welcoming the new corpers back in the zone involved more cooking and early rising.We had travel down for the outreach two days before and quickly, I found my way to the little classroom that served as a kitchen.
I joined other ‘mamas’in the kitchen but remembered I also had to justify my being at the outreach.
I took a little break off the ‘martha’ ministry to speak to a group of boys. The outreach was awesome in all.

On arrival in the family house, I hurriedly exchanged a few pleasantries and found my way down the long hall to the room I had occupy with other sisters since our arrival two days before.I almost ignored the sisters who were already engrossed in a chit-chat and found my way to the bathroom.My next agenda was sleep.
I returned and met the sisters still engrossed in their discussion, sisters sha!I plannned to have a long sleep but not too long so as to prepare for my departure to lagos the next day.

Four hours later ,I awoke but it seemed as though I had taken only some few minutes nap, I needed more!Nonetheless, I sat up and joined the sisters who had actually woken me up with their unending chatter.They were watching a film on a laptop and I thought to join them this time.
The ladies gisted on and on about how the brother who had abandon the sister he was engaged to(in the film) deserved the punishment he got at the end of the film.I marvelled, ahan!these sisters suddenly forgot they were christians o! and the scripture said that the lord is ‘gracious and merciful,slow to anger and plentous in mercy'(psalm 103:8),abi?
It was night fall now and I slidded away from the company of the sisters.
I feeling sleepy again(I knew that sleep was not just enough)
I slidded back to my tiny bed, struggling to set my alarm.

4:00am was the time I anticipated, I needed to depart early enough.

Anxiety filled me each time i thought of my travel back to lagos, I had miss a lot and I wanted to do a lot , my DP was already updated two weeks before, ‘Eko ile, can’t wait to be home!stayed on my profile for almost a week.It was home all the way.

I heard a sound through the thick darkness, I could not even make out what part of the bed I dropped my phone before I dozed.I managed to see a figure and I quickly asked, ‘what’s the time, please?’4:45am,the voice replied, my God! ‘barely some minutes left before devotion’I said to myself.I jumped out of bed like I could make my way,struggled through the darkness like someone who had lost sight. I could now see the person who answered me, it was ‘CBN’, I quickly borrowed her torch, undressed and ran to the bathroom.This time, I did not mind sharing the bathroom with two other sisters who were also travelling that morning.
‘Aunty’ was already calling, ‘sisters, come out, it’s time for devotion, please come out o, I was battling with brushing my hair now, she opened the door, and saw i was the only one left in the room,she gave me a knowing look, ‘rijau mama,’ she warned, she shut the door back and I hurriedly concluded my dressing, grabbed my bible and hurried down the large hall.

‘You have to get another phone o!I know it’s all this pinging, pinging that ran your battery flat ‘we almost thought something was wrong, my mum complained,anyway thank God,’ she added. I knelt to greet her and she only ignored my greeting to continue praising God for my safe arrival.
‘Is anybody happy to see me’, I announced, almost to myself.
The reception was not as grand as I thought,I almost thought an entourage would await me, I mean, I had been away in the ‘hell-dreaded’north for 3months! a consolation, at least, my little nephew jumped and ran around me, someone welcomed me afterall.
All the same, I was home, home, sweet home!
The night was over and I thought to have my devotion before the kids awoke,I needed my bible and so I tip-toed to avoid alerting them from sleep. I did not even bother to unpack my belongings on my arrival.
‘My bible, my bible….I searched frantically and oh !did I use it in the bus?No! I used my mobile.
I could remember clearly, it was beside my bed back in the family house and after that, I used it at the devotion, oh no! Did I drop it while I………gosh!I finally settled between using another bible and using my mobile.I went for the former.
oh!my bible, I picked the ‘yoruba versioned’ and dragged myself back to the living room.It seemed my much anticipated devotion was watered down,I went through it sluggishly.
It seemed a connection had been broken.I wanted my bible, there I had my reading plan well mapped out, my favourite scriptures I had marked out especially as I was yet to improve on my memorising of chapters and verses.My bible was so perfect that I knew where every scripture I needed from my marks alone.
I struggled through my devotion for many days running, until now.
My story is funny, isn’t it?This got me thinking especially as another friend narrated a similar ordeal to me.
Why do we attach so much to our personal bibles that it’s hard to use another one.Sure, there would certainly be a bonding from regular usage, or did it mean that the presence of God is glued to our bibles that without it, we disconnect? Certainly not! I don’t think am too quick too conclude if I say it’s a devise of the enemy.I think he has fashioned a way to get us attached to one thing, to make us think we are so diligent with reading the word, with one particular bible that it always seems we get it flowing whenever we are with it so much that we are not thesame without it.At this point, we lose touch, the connection breaks, and he(the devil) comes in subtly and sows some seeds and crawls away again.
For this time, we find it hard to get back and if we do not take extra care, those seeds begin to grow!
Its so amazing, that in this case, one would never have thought a bible could cause a backslide.
In another sense, there are many other things we develop a bond with that we can not do without.
For many, it’s our mobile devices.Thanks to technological advancement, you can do almost everything you want on your mobile, except sleep and eat of course, who knows!maybe soon, we would have phones with downloadable eateries’ and ‘sleeping beds’,very funny!
Some people even sleep on their phones! yea…ask facebook, are there not some particular people you always see around? They always have something to contribute to the platfrom, whether useful or otherwise.
Finally brethren, I urge you by the mercies of God(according to bro.paul) to be on your best guard, to watch and pray because if the devil could use something I least thought, something I thought he would dread, a holy book!then,he can use anything.

Maybe you think you are so up there and this does not just apply to you, well, I have been there too.
Sometime, I prayed that God would take away whatever I was too attached to, I prayed it, but with a careless abandon believing I could never get attached to any thing except my saviour.

You may have many bibles and think you can not particularly be attached to any one, but hey! It could be something else, it could be your bible still,remember, the enemy roams about seeking whom to devour, he never takes any rest, he walks to and fro the earth, observing our ways of life and swapping his old strategies for new ones.
A hymn reads ‘ask the saviour to help you, he will carry you through’.That, I think should be the simple prayer to this ordeal.

As for me,though I lost my bible, yet ‘christ in ME,my hope of glory’.My last note:


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I said last year that I am a ceremonial writer, I mean, I almost write on a yearly anniversary and it makes me feel bad!

No, scratch that! I write some bits in other places but I mean I only put up posts here almost on a yearly basis.

Maybe I should quit my job and face writing squarely????????

Getting back from work everyday in this Lagos leaves one feeling like a piece of tissue, especially when you’v eaten and taken a bath.



Really guys, I need practical steps from anyone who combines a highly demanding job and a passion or business  by the side, I need this for 2018,mehn!

My job description in specifics:

1. Arriving work at 6:45 or 7:00 the latest for sanity sake.(This means you must have been up at 5:00 am or 5:30 if  Lagos state government has placed the bus-stop right in front of your gate like mine and you also have a mother that is willing to let you do a small cleaning and overlook the rest till the weekend)

When my alarm goes off at 5:00 am, I spend about 10 minutes convincing myself on the reasons why I should wake up and another about 10 minutes asking Jesus why life has to be so hard despite he dying for us.Most of the time, am out of the house by 6:10 am at the latest without makeup and without breakfast.

How harder can life get?Come Lord Jesus,come quickly!

I get to find out that am the luckiest in the breed.A number of people leave their homes at 4:30 am and some even 5, that means they wake up at what time???????

I once told a friend like this to just get home, take a bath, dress up for the next day in her work blazer and shoes, sleep in a vertical position since life is kuku already over, and walk out of the door once it’s 3am. Shioor!some people in Lagos don’t know that the world has come to an end for them, as in , they are already experiencing their own ‘THE GREAT TRIBULATION’

I’m a queen of diverting but back to what I was saying.You don’t want to arrive at 7:30 am in the midst of a crowd of children pumped up with energy sufficient for adults in a year.Second reason is to clear your backlog of the previous day so you do not lose your sanity.

2.  Leave a meeting that started at 7:30 am to pick children at 7:45 am from the playground who have reserved the best part of their energy for you.


3. Go through a routine with them for 10 minutes after they land their classroom and give a smile so the day begins well.While you are at this, shake your head and force a laugh at every chatting and recap of all the events that happened between the hours you last saw them.


images (2)

4. Close your eyes and tell your feet that it’s time for action.Tell your feet that ‘yesterday is gone’, plead earnestly for forgiveness on not leaving it in one position or even allowing it to sit. Tell your lips, to get ready to roll non-stop and your face, not to express what you feel. When you are done, tell your hands to hug your neck when it feels like yanking a little human, I bet, that would be better than if you indulged it.

5.  Take on your stage in front of your audience of minis, shake, roll, twist, clap, sing and start the process again if your performance did not bring out the right outcome.

6. Finally, stare at a cup of coffee until you forget recess is over and repeat the process all over with a liitle more rigorosity(is there a word like this sef)

images (1)

smile as the little humans wave goodbye at you while you are not even noticing all your hair flying off and you looking like one just coming out of a desert survival after 63 days.

7. Before you think the day is over, attend another staff training for one hour and finally settle to grade all the work you left during the day because you are also a monitoring spirit looking out for handwriting ‘gone South’ and children about to board aircrafts to alien islands in their imaginations.

Peep into your phone for the first time the whole day and reply le boo that you love him too and that you actually intend to start your relationship all over when it’s the holiday.







After I wrote, ‘The Pain of the Extraordinary’, I thought those were good enough lessons.

We taught the children about explorers and adventurers and we had to see some parts of the movie; Moanna to allow the children identify how people journeyed across several islands, as well as what rainforests looked like(this was a previous knowledge from a unit as well)

Of course, I didn’t place close attention when the movie was going on in class until I needed to while time away on one of my free days. I’m yet to check the producers of this movie but trust me; it is indeed a good stuff made with deliberate efforts to teach the power of resilience.

Asides, the great picture effect, the awesome animation, I hope anyone sees this movie with the lessons wrapped around reality and of course humour.

Why won’t you Journey beyond the reef?

Moanna’s father had been beaten by the hard storm of life when he lost his best friend in the sea. Therefore, he gave a rule that no one could journey beyond the reef.

This is so typical of life and circumstances we face and just like Moanna’s father we determine not to do certain things anymore. We settle on the ‘island’ and choose not to ‘Journey beyond the reef’ many times even spreading this philosophy to people around us saying things like in my case, ‘I would say, I am not really the social media person’. The truth of it was I had been all over social media once and been bullied to my bones on one of my posts so I shrunk. Until I discovered that this had informed my subsequent decisions, and had made me swallow up seemingly amazing posts that did not make it beyond my head. I began to see that no one fuelled their passion by accepting defeat.


After Moanna discovered that her people were voyagers and got the strength to finally Journey across the reef on her grandma’s death bed, she faced many obstacles and was close to death.

Getting the monstrous Malui to fetch the heart of Tefiti was beginning to look like an impossible task.

Another attempt at the creation story: Just as many other texts that have made an attempt to recreate the creation story, Moanna poses as one of it. ’Mother Earth’ was seen to be responsible for creation until her heart was stolen and lost in the depth of the sea by Malui.

This is the only reservation I have for the movie. The children of these days are quite unlucky with different creation stories being adapted from the original story in the Garden of Eden.

None born in my generation will easily forget ’My book of bible stories’, which was like a treasure to own. As Christians, it is imperative we teach our children the truth of the Gospel.

The voice inside: To avoid controversies, I choose to dwell quiet on ‘the voice inside’.

There is something that tugs at every creation to connect it to what it is supposed to be doing, let’s just stay safe and agree that ‘it’s that voice inside’ even though there is more.

Resilience-Moanna had between placing her stone on the mountain in preparation to take over from her father as the village chief, even though she got discouraged after her first attempt to Journey across the oceans.

The Gender role: I am particularly impressed that movie producers are beginning to realize the equality of Gender. We don’t want to groom children who think it’s only this our ‘fantastic’ boys that can heroes.

Arya stark in Game of thrones is one, but for an African setting, I think this is most exact, especially for for many children that may not have the opportunity of even exploring. Without knowing, some movies send a message to the unconscious mind that ‘heroism’ can only be attached to the male gender.

This is not to belittle the male gender in any way, but ‘boys’ sef, you people have always had it nah, ’superman, batman, spiderman, everything man, haba! give us space small, eyin feminists too, the works of your hands are speaking o!

SONGS: Who doesn’t love those songs? ‘oweh, oweh, (something, something-chopping mouth)

I especially love that one and every single thing about this movie was just pruned to the least detail.


I had a rough week and I was grateful it was Friday.

Earlier in the week, I had too many confrontations and it seemed like I was doing something wrong. I was accused of ‘doing too much and making it seem like others were doing nothing at all.’

Extraordinary strength with a heavy rock boulder on top of a fragile white egg as a concept of possibilities and belief in ability to achieve what is impossible to possible Stock Photo - 19698935c

I was going to conclude after I spoke with a friend and comforted myself with the ’I owe no one an apology’ until it seemed unbearable.I didn’t understand how unbending people could get until it was shoved in my face like ‘sebi, you can do everything, oya keep doing it nah’,

I was constantly being ‘bullied’ into ‘doing all the work’ and when I tried to be a nice girl and make everyone happy, I didn’t realize someone was at a corner waiting to spring up when I made a mistake. I was truly hurt.
Still being grateful it was Friday and ending the week however it seemed, I was called to take a child to the clinic.

After being attended to, the nurse asked her why she looked pale. All the while, I was being unconcerned and still wallowing in my own pain, I took a few seconds to observe the child and I was ashamed that I didn’t see how truly she looked.

I drew her close and asked what was wrong. She burst into tears immediately and told me of how she was afraid that she would not take any prizes that year. She had been told things as ‘you have been getting all the prices since nah’, ‘is it only you?’

The eight year old was afraid of offending people, she didn’t want to lose her friends and their parents who ‘begged’ her to allow their children win some prices as well.
It was a really eventful week, I fought back my tears, I had to because I wanted to be strong for this child now.

Trolltunga Rock, Norway

Though I wish I didn’t hold back and cried, i wish I let her in that her teacher also understood what exactly she was fighting because I was fighting the same.
Above all, this was God saying to me ‘that there is no temptation that has overtaken you except what is common to man’,1 cor 10:13, and then I spoke to her like I would speak to myself, in the same words I had flung back:
‘that we owe no one an apology for being who we are’,

I told her not to give in to mediocrity because some persons couldn’t meet up with it’.

Everyone has a space and an opportunity to shine their light as bright as they wanted,

we needed no one’s permission, there was no bending to someone’s height, if they needed to be tall, they had to use the ladder(not la-la-la-la-la-ladder o, lol)

In all this, I noticed that people feel very uncomfortable when others go the extra mile to do things.
It’s really sad, and they do all they can to make that person accept ‘mediocrity’.

We all have equal chances; I think the problem here is that they wish they were the ones in your shoes. This is the reason why you must not stop. It’s not a problem of them wanting you to be a mediocre; they just wish they had the courage to fly high as well.

Finally I told her about what the bible says in Matthew 5:14-‘a city set upon the hill can never be hidden, no one lights a candle and hides it under a bushel’

courage and bravery the ability to confront fear pain danger uncertainty and intimidation fearless photo

I was reminded that this was the Holy spirit playing back my own predicament to me in my ‘mini’ and providing a way of escape for me as well as making me speak answers out of my own lips.

This is a side note to:
take extra care for that child that seems to have no challenges,
brings home good grade, doesn’t reject bread as breakfast and makes mummy and Daddy happy.(I was that child)

sometimes check up on that friend that is always strong for others.

not always throw all attention to struggling students and leave the high flying ones unattended.

We all fight battles
walks away


worship is the only thing that can keep me awake at almost 1AM.


“You call me out upon the waters,the great unknown where feet may fail.
And there I find you in the mystery,In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon your name, and keep my eyes above the waves,when oceans rise
My soul will rest in your embrace
For I am yours and you are mine

Image result for pictures of  hillsong colour conference

Your grace abounds in deepest waters, your sovereign hand will be my guide.where feet may fail and fear surrounds me.
You ve never failed and you won’t start now.

And I will call upon your name, and keep my eyes above the waves,when oceans rise
My soul will rest in your embrace
For I am yours and you are mine

Spirit lead me where my faith is without borders,let me walk upon the waters,wherever you would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be…

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“You call me out upon the waters,the great unknown where feet may fail.
And there I find you in the mystery,In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon your name, and keep my eyes above the waves,when oceans rise
My soul will rest in your embrace
For I am yours and you are mine

Image result for pictures of  hillsong colour conference

Your grace abounds in deepest waters, your sovereign hand will be my guide.where feet may fail and fear surrounds me.
You ve never failed and you won’t start now.

And I will call upon your name, and keep my eyes above the waves,when oceans rise
My soul will rest in your embrace
For I am yours and you are mine

Spirit lead me where my faith is without borders,let me walk upon the waters,wherever you would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander and my faith will be made stronger

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor and water
In the presence of my saviour”

This song spoke all into me at a point when I was coming out of my “walking on water experience”
I first heard it from sam abimbola’s friend.
I just loved the lyrics and how he played it and I thought it was a self composed song until I asked him about it and he told me.
I was later to realise that I only heard michelle onaolapo sing “spirit lead me where my trust is without borders” on one of our LF prayer meetings.

So I met Hill songs Ocean and in 2016,2017,and forever this song is remaining evergreen.

Right now,I have a 2nd top on my playlist “what a beautiful name”, by hillsong yet again.

I have a plan to fill my playlist with ” hill songs” alone.

One of the benefits of being a teacher is that after crazy unending routines with children,my children and I get a ‘whooping’ one week half term holiday. “Yipee!!!!!”



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What A Beautiful Name

A Valentine I would have celebrated.

Growing up as a teen, I looked forward to every valentine with some hope that I a would get a box of chocolate and nice scenting flowers from some ‘boy’.I believed that this boy of my imagination would become make a presentation in my school on one of those days.

My school was a major place of torment on Valentine’s day.Moving up from one class to the other did not make it any better.For some girls as old as I was, the older we grew, the bigger gifts they got.

Attending a single school didn’t make it any better because ‘boys’ were seen as some ‘angelic creatures’ that occasionally strolled into our barricaded hostels on very rare occasions.So, if a valentine gift succeeded in making it’s way past the prying eyes of teachers and hostel mistresses, it was considered a great feat.It was on some of those rare occasions I hoped that the boy in my imaginations would do such stunt.At the end of the day,I would crawl back into my shell in lost hopes.

I wondered if the boys that brought the gifts on valentine’s day were real or only existed in imaginations like mine.It baffled me how girls my age had ‘real’ boys who could give gifts.In my world, ‘boys’ only existed in my imaginations and in real life, I was told to avoid any closeness with them until they were as good as a mirage.

I could’t imagine what being close to a ‘real’ boy felt, though in my imaginations, i tumbled in the mud with him.

Growing up now,I never remembered that a boy ever existed in my imagination at some time who failed to bring my valentine’s gift,just as growing older showed me many of those gifts were from some ‘imaginative boys’ like mine compelled to exist in a bid of massaging complex.

This piece is dedicated to every teenager who growing up as I did thinks that not getting a gift on valentine’s day gift makes you ‘not belong’.

You will grow up to realize like I did, that some day, one Valentine well deserved will make up for many Valentines you cried yourself out.

SOMEDAY,you will realize it was definitely worth the wait.

It’s worth the wait, for the one who will make you feel great in every way.After all, what is a Valentine’s day when the ‘gifts and love’ fades when another day breaks.


I am very excited to share the things I learnt over this week. For a long time, I had known that I can be a lot rigid. What I mean is this: I am one of many people who are very strict on schedules. I set a target and follow it through all day, even in my head. When something happens that comes to shift it, like a device that has been misdirected, I lose control and sometimes it takes days to get back. The many times when am able to follow my schedule, am always at my best. This has been quietly popping in my spirit and I fear that I may lose control on some days when I don’t get my schedule right. So, this past week, I had set a goal for how my day would go. I had enjoyed some time of uninterrupted schedule and I was supposed to do a transfer.  Unlike many times when I did it without any itches, I couldn’t get it done. Something on my inside told me to do an alternative or wait the next day but I needed to ensure I achieved that part of my schedule, so I kept trying until, ‘Ooops, the transfer was blocked. I found it unbelievable. I had trust technology so much. I should have just obeyed the holy spirit nudging and a dear friend that advised to use an alternative. I felt very bad because the beneficiary of the transfer would have thought I was playing smart by delaying. However, God in his mercy sent his holy spirit as my comforter and in few hours, I got myself back on track.

What have I learnt? To have schedules. Most especially,  to let God interrupt me when he pleases. Are you like me? You might need to learn flexibility as I did. It costs you a lot when you disobey .It might take a long time to fix back like me. Please learn to ‘BEND, ROLL and sometimes SHAKE it off!